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The road to the Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ began when the late Elder Jim Henry Eddings, who pastored a church in Oklahoma, heard the call of God and was led to move to Yuma Arizona. Elder Eddings, along with his wife, the late Patsie Eddings and their 12 children made the five day journey from Oklahoma to Arizona, arriving on December 24, 1935. Upon settling in Yuma, Arizona the Eddings family worshipped for a short while with the late Elder O.D.Hollins at what was then known as Church Number One, now known as Power House Church of God in Christ.

Elder J.H. Eddings with his brother Elder A. C. Eddings later purchased the property at 15th Avenue and 4th Street and established what was then known as Church Number Two. In 1945 Bishop J. W. Taylor granted Elder J.H. Eddings permission to relocate Church Number Two to the current location 10th Avenue and 4th Street. In the 1950’s, the late Evangelist Esther Greer, the oldest child of Elder and Sister Eddings named Church Number Two, the Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ. Mother Greer served as the very first Church Mother. The church was later rebuilt in 1974 by Elder J.H. Eddings and his son, Brother Vurg Eddings.

During this time, Brother Vurg Eddings was called to the ministry and he along with his wife Sister Eunice Eddings and family served faithfully at the Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Elder J.H. Eddings. In 1983 the Lord called Elder J.H. Eddings from labor to reward and his son Elder Vurg Eddings was then appointed pastor, serving faithfully until his death in 2011.

In 2011 Bishop Harvey T. Young appointed Elder John Chatman as pastor of the Rose of Sharon Church of God in Christ. Pastor Chatman served faithfully until April 2014, at which time he was led to return to his home in Detroit Michigan. Bishop Young, assisted by Elder Gregory Greene assumed the pastoral duties until officially appointing Elder Greene to the pastorate on January 9, 2015.

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